The façade system that adds functionality and is an aesthetically pleasing finish to any project. Terraçade is simple and easy to install, suitable for major architectural developments, industrial complexes, commercial projects or residential applications.

Designed in consultation with some of Australasia’s leading engineers, Metroclad has successfully introduced Terraçade to the New Zealand market and developed a Specification Guideline that meets all New Zealand’s code requirements, making it easy for the design professionals.

Available in a large range of colours and finishes, the Terraçade system will enhance any project large or small. The unique design of Terraçade allows for it to be used on buildings up to 30 storeys high and the natural properties of terracotta ensure durability, colour fastness and a life long maintenance free finish.

The Terraçade tile is made from natural and recycled materials and the majority of the system is not only reusable but can also be recycled. Combining the innate durability of clay, a unique low maintenance design, and the ability to weather atmospheric extremes, Terraçade is a long lasting, cost effective and environmentally sound choice.

Technical Information

To access the following technical documents, please click here

  • Brickworks Sustainability Report October 2020
  • Brickworks Sustainability Strategy Towards 2025
  • TN Terraçade Technical Manual (NZ Edition) 
  • Terraçade Brochure
  • Test Certificate Combustibility
  • Terraçade TL to TN System Change Review Letter 13.08.2019
  • TN System Test Report
  • TN Wind Load Test Report

Architectural Resources

Our Resource Library contains DWG files to assist in specifying and building with Terraçade Facade Systems. If you would like to download the these files, click here

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